Saturday, February 5, 2011

January Iris

I haven’t been able to find the time to do any blogging the last couple of weeks, but after thinking about all the blizzards, ice storms, and sub zero temperatures in other parts of the country, I decided I had to share this photo taken on 1/22/11. This is an Iris in full bloom that caught Sue’s eye while we were hiking at Pogonip in Santa Cruz. I almost walked right past it. There were a few more close by, but I did not spot any other native species blooming anywhere else except for a few fledgling Milk Maids. Last year I saw Milk Maids blooming on New Year’s Day which really took me by surprise, but seeing Iris on January 22 seemed even more amazing, even though it was isolated to one spot. Today I saw some partially bloomed paintbrush in Big Basin. I will probably work up a post on that hike soon, but things are really busy right now. I’m taking all this as a possible omen of a really great spring season, and I’m thinking maybe I should start doing some seasonal trip planning.

Iris blooming in January


Nature ID (Katie) said...

Great blog you have. I wish there was a way to easily find where you've been. The weather has been unbelievable. 80 degrees here yesterday.

Waypoints said...

Thanks Katie. I've been watching you blog too. This is kind of a work in progress. I want to improve it but it's hard to find the time to really make it work. You can email me if you want to ask questions or anything.

Chris Marks said...

I was just up in Point Reyes this past weekend and the Iris' really seem to have hit their peak now in February. Some others are joining them due to the warm weather - hopefully we don't get a stunted wildflower season now though.