Friday, December 31, 2010

Monte Bello Crossover

Taking advantage of a break in the wet holiday season weather, we decided we would take a look at the views available up on Skyline. We hiked a short loop beginning in Monte Bello. Trails are muddy, weather unsettled and windy, sunshine in-n-out, but it was good to get out for awhile. Check out my trip and photos at everytrail.
Monte Bello Crossover at EveryTrail

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chrisbear said...

I did a really similar hike to this last winter ducking in and out of all those parks up there. I think my trip was a little heavier on Russian Ridge but I ended up skipping Black Mountain.

It was sort of a hazy/crappy day when I was out there. You might have inspired me to go try this alternate loop.

I do miss your old format though.

Waypoints said...

Hi Chris, Yeah, there's lots variations that can make it seem like a different hike each time.

I will still be using my old format when I have time to work up a real post. There were a lot of posts I should have done last year, but didn't have time. Doing a trip at everytrail is much quicker.