Friday, December 17, 2010

More Skyline Ramblin'

I hiked a slightly different version of my Skyline Rocks hike last Sunday. I always enjoy different variations of this route, but this hike was even more fun because it gave me the opportunity to try out some new things. Firstly, with technology ever surging forward, there are some new models of hand held GPS units coming out. The new stuff will incorporate many new features like touch screens, wireless data, and etc, for those who just need to have every technological bell and whistle. The basic capabilities of the units have remained pretty much the same though. But even if you are not a techno-junkie this is exciting news, because that means the existing models, which have excellent owner reviews, can be had for bargan prices. As for myself, I really only want the basics anyway, and I love to save a few bucks. My new toy for this year is a new more capable GPS unit that will not loose satellite lock every time I walk under a tree, or need a serial to USB converter that will intermittently blow up my computer. It also accepts an external antenna so I can even get satellite lock in canyons and such. So I can now regularly incorporate GPS data in my posts. The other new thing I am trying out is EveryTrail. I've been hearing about this travel sharing site for several years, but have not actually tried it until now. Better late than never (cliché alert). Using this site will allow me to make more posts on Way Points because it saves me time. I can quickly upload GPS data and photos from my hikes, do a quick little write up, and post all at the same time. I was also tipped to public domain software for geo-tagging my photos, so that's another enhancement I can incorporate in my write ups there. I will still do write ups on Way Points when I have more to say, but I can do quick little posts called "trips" on EveryTrail and link them here. And the trips will have meaningful data from my GPS instead of just my own route descripions.

This "trip" shows my route beginning in Sanborn/Skyline County Park, and using the Pederson and Sanborn Trails up to the Skyline Trail, over into Castle Rock State Park, on to the fall, Saratoga Gap Trail to the trail camp, Loghry Woods Trail back to the Skyling Trail, and returning to Sanborn on the San Andreas Trail. The Santa Clara Valley and Monterey Bay were both totally blanketed with thick low fog, but up above about 1000 feet, it was clear, sunny, and warm. The valley, the entire bay, and penninsula stayed grey and chilly all day. From above it looked like a great white void. Summit Rock is still closed, but Indian Rock is always open. Castle Rock has great clear weather views.

Skyline Rocks at EveryTrail

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